Since 2003, VICENTE & VICENTE  Industrial Lighting & Decor Ltd., has been growing in the human, financial and social structure, as well as in its product range.

The year 2006 was an important year in the history of Vicente & Vicente, since it was the start of production of lampshades, which today is a major area of the business.


Our commercial activity has developed throughout the country as well as the autonomous regions of Açores and Madeira and in partnership with our clients; we export to the Lusophone Countries, Europe and Canada.

Our relationship with partners and empathy with clients, suppliers and employees allowed us to put into practice a policy of open mind and communication in order to always provide unique conditions for competitiveness in business.

In this competitive business,we continue to develop technologies, products and expertise to ensure customer satisfaction.



In 2010 Vicente & Vicente was awarded with the PME Líder, status. It is a distinction given to national companies for the quality of their performance and their risk profile.

The success of our clients reflects on our success..


The company began work in March of 2003, with its head office in the Industrial Zone of Gois. Its main goal is to produce and sell lights and decorative material, various metal products, wrought iron and printed and generally development the mechanics and the coating of metals.



It is worth pointing out the extensive knowledge and experience (more than 35 years) that the partner Antonio Vicente has in this business, which he tries to convey to all employees so that the production is the most efficient and the quality is the highest possible.

The year 2006 was an important year in the history of Vicente & Vicente Ltd.. April was the month when the company began to produce lampshades making it today its main ​​business. For that the company had to employ more workers. Presently, the company has 33 employees. This indicates where the company stands, with its will to expand and its investment in the quality of their product to receive their client’s satisfaction

The Vicente & Vicente Companies Ltd. work sin the domestic market, covering the mainland and the autonomous regions of Açores and Madeira as well as abroad and its focus on the quality of its product and its strict compliancy with the deliveries.



"The time when someone or something is most successful, popular, prosperous"



Euroluce Milan

Vicente & Vicente attended the Euroluce Milão 2013.

Messe Frankfurt

Vicente & Vicente was present again in Messe Frankfurt 2014 - light+building.